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Search Engine Optimization


SEO is a must have for any Digital Marketing strategy. We will work with you to create a full campaign and target the keywords your customers are searching for. Google only brings back trusted results, let us help your business outshine the competition.

Google Business Profile Optimization

The foundation to any SEO or Ad campaign and one of the most overlooked secrets to appearing in more searches. Your Google Business Profile is our Primary focus to get you ranked locally. Jump to the top of local searches with our full profile optimization!

Search Engine Marketing


Target your ideal customers directly with our Ad Campaigns. We will put you in front of the right audience, manage your campaigns, and adjust based on results. We communicate progress weekly and will provide a 3x ROI Guaranteed.

SEO Specialized for Law Firms

Highly competitive markets require a specialized approach. That’s why we created our Law Firm specific services! Show up in the right databases, rank higher locally, and optimize your website to convert leads into cases and book 25 more cases monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO. If you search Google for any important keywords related to your business and a map with 3 listings appears underneath it (also known as a map pack), then local SEO can help you grow your business.

How does SEO help my business?

If you're a small business trying to reach customers in your area, SEO is important because it enables them to find you first. 97% of people learn more about a local small business online than anywhere else. The higher you rank, the easier you are to find, and SEO helps move you to the top of the list.

Can I do it myself?

Of course! There are TONS of resources and training programs available online, just like when you YouTube how to fix something. The question is, do you have the time to do it well? SEO and Ad campaigns benefit exponentially from experience and if you are not careful, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money. We offer quality services at prices based on providing a projected 3x annual ROI so we would always recommend an expert to get the most out of your marketing.

Would my company benefit from digital marketing?

The simple answer is YES. You don’t have to replace your traditional marketing efforts with digital ones, but at this point, if the word digital doesn’t come into your marketing strategy then your business will not thrive. We offer several options and strategies to work with the individual needs of your business.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words and phrases that searchers use- usually on a search engine. These are the words that we use when looking for pages, images, videos, blogs, any kind of information or content on the web. These keywords need to be strategically inserted into your pages and content. Make sure the keywords you are using are what your customers are searching for!

Is Digital Marketing expensive?

Expect to Spend 10-20% of Revenue on Digital Marketing. It is more effective and affordable than the traditional forms of marketing. But, it's important for business owners to know the costs involved before deciding to use it to drive their business growth and success. Our services are priced based on providing a projected 3x annual ROI so most of our clients stay with us long term.

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Thank you for visiting Mindset Web Agency. We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Atlanta, GA.

We provide Google Business Profile Optimization, SEO, and Search Engine Marketing Campaigns. Visit our Blog for information on Digital Marketing and check out our NEW Law Firm Specialty Services!


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